Fondaciju Zoran Petrović Tito osnovali su njegovi prijatelji, sa željom da sačuvaju uspomenu na njega ali i pomognu mladim ljudima da ostvare svoje životne ciljeve i napreduju u sticanju novih znanja i veština.

 Zoran Petrovi? was born on February 7, 1977. He joined the scouts when he was eight years old.  

From 2004 to 2011, he was the general secretary of the Scout Association of Serbia. He managed to get to wherever he was needed, to organize scouts’ gatherings, to establish new scout units and strengthen the existing ones. Respecting the scouting tradition, he was open to change, so he was among the first to engage in the modernization of our organization, the creation of a new Youth Program and the scout leaders training. This was precisely the period of the scouting revival in Serbia. He helped many organizations unaccustomed to the project-development process and held numerous seminars for the NGO sector activists. He contributed to the foundation of the National Youth Council of Serbia. Zoran had friends in many other countries. His contribution to the image of Serbian scouts abroad is immense. He was the general secretary of DESMOS, the organization which gathers the scouts of Orthodox Christian faith from around the world. 

In 1997, Zoran participated in the 9th Scout Jamboree of Serbia as the scout leader from Mladenovac, always leading from the front. Then somebody noticed he was like Tito, and he earned a nickname which stuck with him till the end. 

He knew everybody, from the scouting legends of former generations to the children who were just becoming scouts, from the President of the World Scout Committee to the leader of a small scout group. 

His legacy remains deeply set into the memory of thousands of people of good will. Zoran Petrovi? – Tito Foundation preserves that legacy and also helps young people to achieve their life goals and acquire knew knowledge and skills.  

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